Roddensvale School’s new hydrotherapy pool.

Cleary Contracting was the principle building contractor on a new hydrotherapy unit for Roddensvale School in Larne.

The new £950,000 hydrotherapy pool was officially opened by the chairperson of the Education Authority this morning. Sharon O’Connor unveiled a commemorative plaque at the ten metre facility in Larne.

Principal John Madden described the occasion as a “momentous day for the young people of Roddensvale”.

“It is a fabulous day for the school. It has made a difference to provision at Roddensvale.

“The benefits of hydrotherapy are well-documented,” he said.

The pool which is heated to a temperature of 33 degrees centigrade is used predominantly by pupils with mobility issues.

Previously, pupils had to travel to a facility in Jordanstown but they can now enjoy a “much better quality experience”.

Roddensvale - Hydrotherapy centre by Cleary Contracting

The provision was welcomed by Austin Heatley, former chairman of the board of governors who spearheaded a tireless campaign for the pool.

“For many of our pupils, there are obvious benefits of having a warm, weight-bearing environment where physiotherapists can manipulate tight joints and muscles. However this is inevitably diluted somewhat when significant travel to access such a facility off-site is required.

“Now pupils can have their 15 minutes in the hydrotherapy pool without the prospect of a further journey afterwards which may take away from the therapeutic experience and leave them feeling weary.”

EA Chief Executive Gavin Boyd acknowledged the effectiveness of the school’s campaign for the hydrotherapy pool and thanked all of those involved in delivering the project, including Cleary Contracting and the EA’s own team of officials.